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Top ten tips for preparing for online exams.

Preparing your document

Preparing and submitting video

Scanning documents

NOTE: A scanned handwritten document will not be accepted by Turnitin unless it has at least 20 machine readable words, so ensure any handwritten scans are accompanied by a cover sheet or another page with readable words on it. 
The scans can be embedded in your Word document for submission - or see Combining multiple files into a single PDF.

Turnitin similarity scores

If you can see your document in your Turnitin dropbox then you've submitted. You do not need a Turnitin score to qualify as a submission - this score can take up to 24 hours to generate.

Submitting assignments and take-home exams

Before your exam

  1. Prepare to take your exam with access to a computer or laptop (not a mobile phone) and a reliable internet connection.

  2. Create a practice (dummy) document formatted in the way you expect to for your exam. Check it against the Checklists below.

  3. Ensure you can submit to Turnitin. You can practice submitting to Test Your Text module. Self-enrol and submit your practice dummy paper, to check you have no issues.

  4. Remember to accept the Turnitin EULA (User Agreement). If you reject it, it can take some time to sort that out and meanwhile you won't be able to submit.

  5. Remember you will have 30 minutes technical time around your exam. This is in addition to the actual exam writing time and is built into the timings for your exam. Be prepared to use that 30 minutes to download the paper and to submit in good time, to allow for any issues.

Submission help

Submitting exams (and assignments) to Turnitin dropboxes

Submitting Assignments

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