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Often the content of complex reports and dissertations can be held across multiple files, for example appendices, interviews transcripts etc. being in separate files and the content of the report or dissertation in another, separate file. Follow the instructions below to combine them into one file prior to submission.

For Windows devices, You can download Nuance PDF Converter here (the University has a licence which covers you) PDF Converter.

The Zip file contains the instructions in a file titled pdf_conv_8_inst which you should open in WordPad (not Word).

  1. Once installed, open the program.
  2. Click on the 'Paper' icon and select "Combine multiple files" from the options.

Combine multiple files in menu in Nuance

3. Click ‘Add’ and add in the documents you want to merge.

 Add files

4. To change the order you want the files to appear in the finished document, select a document and use the Up and Down buttons at the top to re-order.

 Reordering PDF documents

 5. From the drop down, select ‘Combine files into one PDF document’.


 6. Click the ‘Options…’ button to the right of the drop down from step 5 and ensure that ‘Add file names as bookmarks’ is ticked, then click 'OK'.

 Options menu with Bookmark tick box

 7. Click the big ‘Go’ button at the bottom, and wait while Nuance creates your PDF. 

Go button

This set of steps will work to combine any of the following filetypes: