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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards  

How do I use the sign up sheet?

A signup feature in Moodle allows staff to set up online signup sheets for special events and sessions, visits, placements etc.

Once in a module look for the 'Signup sheet' icon   Signup sheet icon , it looks like a blue ball. 

Once you’re in the Signup sheet, you should see some guidance created by your module convenor and a selection of slots you can book onto. 

Your tutor may have limited the number of attendees per slot so make sure you get in there quick.

  • To book onto a slot, click on the link ‘Sign me up for this slot’ against the time/place you want to choose.
    You should then see you appear under the relevant slot and the number of available places left reduce by one.

Note:  You can only book onto one time-slot.

. Sign up sheet


Note:  ONLY you can remove yourself from a time slot so if you can’t attend a session make sure you unbook.

To unbook click on ‘Remove me from this slot’.


Confirmation of booking with 'Remove my signup' option available
.A signup sheet may be locked by the module convenor or administrator when the time allowed for bookings has passed, so check if there is a deadline for booking.

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