This refers to Moodle 4.1 from December 2023 onwards  

The Dashboard

When Moodle first loads you will be presented with your Dashboard. You can also access this page by clicking on the 'University of Nottingham logo' in the top right corner and the Dashboard tab in the top navigation menu.

Top navigation bar in Moodle with Dashboard selected

On the Dashboard, you will see a banner along the top displaying any news and events,

By default, you will be able to see the following blocks on your Dashboard.

There will also be a Timeline block which will display any upcoming events in Moodle such as assignment deadlines. 

Beneath this will be a Recently accessed modules block where you can see the modules that you have recently accessed in Moodle. Use the 'Arrows' to navigate through these.

Screenshot of the Moodle dashboard

There are a couple more blocks on there which are Upcoming events and Calendar. From the Calendar, you can search for events in particular modules using the dropdown and create a 'New event' from the button.

Please note: Your calendar in Moodle is not linked to your Outlook calendar at all.

Upcoming events and calendar blocks on the dashboard

You can edit the blocks that appear on your Dashboard by enabling 'Edit mode' using the slider in the top right corner.

Edit mode slider with edit enabled

Once enabled you can add additional blocks by clicking on the 'Add a block' button.

Add a block button

Then selecting an option from the menu.

Add a block pop up menu

Alternatively, you can remove blocks by clicking on the 'Actions menu' button in the top right corner of a block and then selecting 'Delete' from the menu.

Actions menu for a block

My Modules

To access the modules that you are enrolled onto, you will need to access the My modules tab in the top navigation menu.

Top navigation menu in Moodle with My Modules selected.

On this page, you will see all your modules listed in the 'Module overview'.

Screenshot of 3 modules in module overview

From the 'Module overview', you can use the 'All' dropdown to filter your modules,

Dropdown to filter modules in module overview

You can also use the 'Search' bar to search for one of your modules.

Search bar that appears in module overview

Using the dropdown, you can either choose to 'Sort by course name' or 'Sort by last accessed' to reorder you modules either alphabetically or by most recently accessed.

Sorting options dropdown in module overview

There is also the option to change how your 'Module overview' appears. Using the dropdown you can choose between 'Card' view, 'List' view or 'Summary' view.

For each module, there will an 'Actions menu' where you can either 'Star the module' or 'Remove from my view'.

Actions menu for a module in module overview

If you scroll to the bottom of your modules, you will see a 'Show' dropdown where you can choose to limit how many modules you can see per page.

Show dropdown in module overview

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