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Student video introduction 

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Moodle - our online learning environment (66 words)

Most modules have a presence in the University’s online learning environment, moodle.Nottingham . You will find general module information and announcements are posted here and resources and learning materials are uploaded . It may also be used to make contact with staff and students, hold online discussions and to exchange ideas.

Your username for is your normal University of Nottingham network login name and password.


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The University's online learning environment
(Use your normal  University username and password to log in)

moodle.Nottingham is the University’s online learning environment used throughout the University. Moodle is the place where lecturers upload learning materials such as lecture slides, handouts, readings, web links, audio and video, but you may also be asked to take part in activities such as submitting assignments, participating in discussions, contributing to wikis or blogs or providing content for student-generated databases and glossaries. 

Moodle is  the hub of a suite of learning technologies used to support teaching and learning and may be used in different ways in different modules with each lecturer placing features and items according to what is most appropriate. It interfaces with a variety of other University systems and is being developed and extended specifically to suit the University’s needs, providing the best possible student online learning experience.


Troubleshooting Moodle (students)

Why can’t I login?

As your normal University username and password are used for moodle.Nottingham  you can login once your account has been activated. Check that your password is still valid and has not expired.

Why can’t I see my modules online?

Once you have handed in your module choices, your School will update your student record and once that has been done you will automatically be added to the relevant module on Moodle. Be patient during this process. If you know you are enrolled on a module and still cannot see it, check with your lecturer to make sure moodle.Nottingham is used for your module and that it has been made available to students (it may be hidden while the lecturer is preparing it). If you continue to experience problems, contact the IT Servicedesk


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Our online learning environment – your secret weapon

What is it and why would it be of benefit to my studies?

moodle.Nottingham, our online learning environment is a dedicated website that staff use to make resources available to you. It can also provide and facilitate other things like online discussions, group work and assessment submission with plagiarism detection.

During your time at University lecturers will often make something available via moodle.Nottingham and expect you to access it.

You may be asked to contribute/submit something via moodle.Nottingham  such as contributing to a discussion board, uploading a written assignment or taking an online test.

moodle.Nottingham has other resources within it that are not necessarily linked to your taught modules, including the TurnitinUK online text-comparison as well as activities and resources relating to laboratory, careers, community or similar that are appropriate to your subject.

How to log in to Moodle.Nottingham

Use your normal  University username and password to log in

Online assessment

The University uses two main online assessment systems for written essays, tests and quizzes. Turnitin is for written essays and can be used to automatically check your submission for plagiarism.  You will normally submit assignments through Moodle.  You may be asked to take quizzes or tests in Moodle. Alternatively you may use Rogo, an online testing tool, used by lecturers for online assessment at any time during your studies.


Turnitin statement for school/course/module handbooks:

TurnitinUK is also available for students to use. This is because the University wants to encourage students to develop their academic writing skills and access to TurnitinUK will, it is hoped, assist students to improve their writing by revealing any problems with the citation of source materials, with bibliographies and with the way source material has been paraphrased and used. TurnitinUK is available to all students via Moodle.  Access to TurnitinUK is permanently available from the very top navigation bar on all pages of Moodle. Click "TEST YOUR TEXT", then click ‘Participate in this module’. In this module students will be able to access the software through which they can upload assignments, as well as find detailed information about how to use the software to improve their writing.


Moodle (230 words)

Moodle is the University’s online learning environment.

As the starting point for supporting modules online, staff are using it in a number of ways:

  • to deliver learning materials such as lecture slides, handouts, readings, web links, audio and video files;
  • as a place for students to submit assignments, including the use of Turnitin;
  • to facilitate comment and discussion on key ideas, papers, artefacts, videos, etc. both online and as preparation for group discussions;
  • a shared space for students to build topical glossaries, annotated collections or subject summaries;
  • to guide students through a topic with a framework of resources and activities which track student progress
  • to deliver completely online learning for distance students worldwide.

Moodle is integrated with a number of other University systems, including Turnitin, Rog?, Xerte Online Toolkits and is constantly being developed and extended specifically to suit the University’s needs.

Support available

Support for Moodle is available from

We have someone on the Moodle Helpdesk every day who will be able to answer your enquiries or direct them to the most appropriate person.


To submit a Turnitin assignment in Moodle

See Student Moodle Help on Turnitin assignments - how to submit an assignment to Turnitin through Moodle


Students comments about Moodle:

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