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This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

Moodle Help & Support 


A wiki is a web page or website which can be edited collaboratively by a number of people. For example it might be used for students to work together, collaboratively creating a document such as a list of resources, response to a question, presentation plan, etc.

Each person can add to the page(s) or edit others' contributions. A history is kept so that the teacher can see who has changed what and when.

How to add a wiki

To add a wiki

  • In your module, click on the Turn editing on button (top right), and go to the section in which you want to add the wiki.
  • Click on the + Add an activity or resource hyperlink, then select "Wiki" and click "add".  
  • This will take you to the wiki settings page titled "Adding a new wiki" (NOTE: In an existing wiki, the wiki settings can be found by clicking Edit > Edit settings).

  • Give your wiki a name - this will appear as the link on the module page for your students to click.
  • Give your wiki a Description (compulsory). It may be appropriate to explain the purpose of your wiki here. (NOTE: You can include this description on your module’s home page by clicking the box for “Display description on module page")
  • Give the first page a name: The name you add here will form the first page of your new wiki.   WARNING - it is not possible to edit the name of the page later on so choose carefully!

  • Wiki mode:  Choose between "Individual wiki" where each student gets their own, or "Collaborative wiki" where students work together on a single wiki
  • Default format: Set the default type of editing your wiki will use. We recommend HTML – that is,  editing using the normal text editor. NOTE: check the Force format box to restrict students from choosing their own method of editing the wiki.
  • You can restrict access or set groups as in other Activities.    

How to add and delete subsidiary pages

NOTE: Don’t click on the ‘edit’ option in the Moodle editing mode as though you were going to change the wiki settings.  Instead click on the wiki resource and click on the blue Create page button.

  1. Now go to the main wiki content area and type 

    [[new page name]] 
    (the double square brackets go either side of the name you choose) on the main page at the point where you’d like to add a link to the new page.  
    WARNING - it is not possible to edit the name of the page later on so choose carefully!

    If you don’t actually want to have a link on the main page, bear with me.
  2. Save the modified wiki content of the main page.
  3. In the wiki, click on the new page title that you just added. You will be taken to a set-up screen for the new page.  When you have finished making your choices, save this.
  4. If you didn’t want the link to appear on the main page (it can always be found on the Map tab of the wiki) then you’ll need to go back to the wiki’s main page (navigate there using the list of pages given when you click on the Map tab).  Once at the main page once again, use the Edit tab at the top of the wiki, just as any student can, and then delete the [[new page name]] you recently added.  This will remove the link on the main page, but won’t delete the new page itself.

Should you actually want to delete a page then click on the Administration tab at the top of the wiki and delete the page from there. 

Deleting a page will also delete links to that page from other pages. 

To delete the whole wiki you’ll need to be in Moodle editing mode and then you can delete it just as you would delete any other content.

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