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Moodle Help & Support 

This refers to Moodle 3.2 from January 2018 onward


Workflow can be applied in a Moodle Assignment to help track the different stages of marking, and to release grades to all students at once. When it is turned on, you can also choose whether you want to use marking allocation too.

Setting up

When setting up the Moodle Assignment, make sure the following features are selected:

Grade: Set Use marking workflow to 'Yes'. This will then release the option to select Use marking allocation. Set this to 'Yes' if you’d like to create a filter and allocate specific students to markers.

Marking workflow status

  1. When you come to mark your assignments click on the Moodle assignment title
  2. You should see a summary of submissions. Click on the View/grade all submissions hyperlink.
  3. A new page will open showing a table, containing information about the assignments submitted.

There are 6 stages of the workflow filter, view-able in the Status column, which can be used by markers or administrators to set a stage of completion.

  • Not marked
  • In marking
  • Marking completed
  • In review
  • Ready for release
  • Released – This is the only setting that has a real effect. When the workflow status is set to released, the grade will release into the gradebook, and students will see their grades and feedback.

Changing workflow status for all papers

You can change the workflow status for individuals, or for a selection of participants. To do this...

  • Use the tick boxes by the side of each student in the grade table to select them. You can select all students by using the tick box directly under the Select heading.
  • Use the With selected... drop-down menu beneath the grade table and, choose ‘Set marking workflow state’. Then click on the Go button.

  • A new screen will be displayed with the Selected users listed.
  • Choose a marking status from the Marking workflow state drop-down menu.
  • If the new status is 'Released' then the Notify students drop-down menu becomes available.
  • Click on the Save changes button.

  • The new marking status for selected students will now appear in the Status column of the grade table.

Changing workflow status for individual papers

You can also change the workflow status when you go to grade a paper from the grading screen. So you can set the marking workflow status for each students as you mark.

Finally, you can also set workflow status by checking the Quick grading box and using the drop-down menu for each student in the Grade column.

Note: Quick grading is NOT available for non-Simple direct grading such as using a Rubric

Then click on the Save all quick grading changes button

NOTE: if you are revealing grades after anonymous marking, also select 'Reveal identities' (from the Grading action drop-down box ABOVE the grading table) at the same time as the 'Released' grades.

Marker filter

The marker filter allows you to allocate certain students to markers. This will only act as a filter, and all markers are still able to access any script.

  • To apply a marker filter, tick the students that you wish to be grouped together.
  • From the With selected... drop-down menu choose ‘set allocated marker’, then click on the Go button.

  • Choose a marker enrolled onto the module from the Allocated Marker drop-down list. Click on the Save changes button.


  • The markers name will now appear in the Marker column of the grade table.

Once this has been applied, you can use the Marker filter drop down menu below the grading table which will separate the students into their allocations.

Note: marking allocation works only as a filter, and other markers on the module will be able to access other submissions if they wish.


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