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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of this one-page sheet. Please browse or use the SEARCH box below.

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The work to connect Moodle to the Campus Solutions student records system is happening in the period 17th to 20th December. A read-only version of Moodle, to aid revision, will be put in place for that four-day period but it will not be possible to mark assignments in the revision-only version of Moodle.

After the maintenance work is complete you will see new UK module codes in Moodle and Rogo. Note that it is only the codes that will have changed, module titles and content will remain the same. If you are unsure which code relates to which module, you can view the complete list of module codes on the Module Codes Workspace site.

Period 17th December to 20th December

Moodle and Rogo will be completely unavailable for two hours from 8am to 10am on Monday 17 December.

Temporary revision-only versions of Moodle and Rogo will be available to support you with revision from
10am on Monday 17 December to 8pm on Thursday 20 December.
There will a brief period of complete unavailability towards the end of the schedule before we return to the live versions of these systems.

For Students, Revision-Only Versions of Moodle and Rogo means:

Moodle will allow students to look at documents and resources but it is not for submitting assignments or posting in discussions during this time. Whilst students will be able to take part in some activities such as quizzes, anything they submit or change will not be saved in this revision-only version and will be unavailable when the full live version is restored. We would recommend they download any vital resources they cannot live without from Moodle before Monday 17 December.

Students will be able to access self-tests for revision purposes when they login directly to Rogo during this time at

Accessing lecture recordings in Engage

To access lecture recordings in Engage whilst the temporary revision-only versions are in place, students need to do two things:

  • Before 8am on Monday 17 December, click on lecture recordings in Moodle that they wish to view during the time when the revision-only versions are in place – remember to do this for all relevant modules.
  • When using Engage, login directly at using your university email and password.

For Staff, Revision Only Versions of Moodle and Rogo means:

If at all possible, avoid marking between 17th to 20th December

The best option may be to avoid marking during this period if that is possible, as it will avoid the need for you to work in a different way. To help with this: submission dates can be moved; the 15 day feedback turn around can be extended; and marks can be released in the assessment period, where it is appropriate to do so.

However, if you do need to mark during 17th to 20th December, there is some important information to read below.

Get in touch with Learning Technology

Anyone who wants or needs to mark over the period of the 17th – 20th December should get in touch with the Learning Technology team at: 

The Learning Technology team will be able to look at your specific needs for marking and help you prepare. Please contact them as soon as possible and by the 12th December at the latest, to ensure that they are able to help you and that you have enough time to prepare.

Depending on which assignment submission/marking method you use, there will be different things you need to do before the 17th December. An overview of each is set out below.

Moodle Assignment

For those who use Moodle Assignment, all materials that will be needed for marking should be downloaded from Moodle in advance of the 17th December. The marks/feedback will then be uploaded to Moodle once the live version is back, i.e. after 6pm on the 20th December. It will not be possible to download materials for marking from the 17th to 20th December. Please find the step by step guide to being ready for this here - Moodle Assignment Marking during Cutover

Turnitin Assignment

For those who use Turnitin Assignment, it will be possible to mark directly in Turnitin, but there are some steps that you will need to complete in Moodle prior to the 17th December to enable that to be possible. If you do not complete the steps before the 17th December, it will not be possible to mark. Please find the step by step guide to being ready for this here - Marking Turnitin Assignments during Cutover

Turnitin Assignment where group/anonymous marking is needed

There is an extra level of complexity for those that use anonymous/group marking options in Turnitin and want to mark during the 17th – 20th December. There are a number of additional steps that will need to be completed in Turnitin once student assignments have been submitted and before the 17th December. Please contact us for assistance if this is your situation at

More information

For each of the scenarios above, or for any other queries, if you get in touch with  they will be able to guide you through what you need to do.

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