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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

Moodle Everywhere

As part of the University’s Transforming Teaching Programme, the University’s Executive Board established a minimum threshold for engagement with Moodle which all modules must meet. The expectation is that all modules now use Moodle to support their delivery and that they all feature the items in the table on that Moodle page.

Moodle Mandate Document on University website (Updated 21-22)

This is intended to be a reasonable minimum and by no means intended to be limiting. Many modules will contain a good deal more material than this.

NOTE: This page has not yet been updated to the new version - please refer to the Moodle Mandate document linked above

 Essential informationSuggestion (optional)Check
Contact details for all module teachersIn top (general) section as a label
Copy of the Module outline/handbookInclude as file in top (general) section, or link to file in a generic module or elsewhere  Uploading files
Class timetableAt present this can be uploaded as a file or you can link to the Timetabling website. A link to this website is included in the Navigation (Hamburger) menu of every module (scroll down to bottom).
Details of coursework assignments including submission datesAssignments created in Moodle can be given deadlines which show in Moodle Upcoming Events and student calendars. This applies to both Turnitin Assignments and Moodle Assignments.
Marking criteria for assignmentsUse a label to create an Assessment Information heading in the top section, or dedicate one topic/section of the page to assignments, containing information - as labels, Pages or uploaded file resources - and assignment dropboxes.
Reading/resource list taking advantage of the investment in Talis Aspire software linking to e-resources wherever possibleSet up your reading list in Talis Aspire. Add the link as a Course Resource List. For SATURN-listed modules, the reading list can also be automatically linked from the Module Resources block.

Relevant lecture slides/notes/materials used in the classroom

NOTE: in order to facilitate students with disabilities, all relevant materials should be made available on Moodle two days in advance of the lecture

Add as resources such as Files, Folders or convert to Pages, Books, Xerte Online Toolkits etc.

If needed you can upload a draft handout or Powerpoint, and if changes are made at the last minute, upload the edited version afterwards.

Previous examination papers or sample papers where exam papers are not made publically available

May be uploaded documents, links to files elsewhere, or link to University past papers system. May be in top section or a designated assessment section
Feedback on at least the last examination/coursework performanceUpload as a document. May be in top section or designated Feedback section, perhaps at the bottom of the page.
Any documentation on the review of the moduleUpload as document or link.
Accessibility - all materials must be accessible

Mandatory training on Accessibility (link to Bookings page)

Full information on how to ensure accessibility:  Building Accessibility into Digital Learning Toolkit (link to Xerte Toolkit)

In many cases much of the material in this list will be included in the module outline or handbook which will appear in the module (e.g., module timetable) or be made available in a generic Moodle module for the relevant School (e.g. marking criteria) or in the Learning Community Forums. The key will be to ensure that students are aware of this and can access the links easily online.