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The Learning Technology Consultants for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are Anne Rockcliffe and Dave Corbett.

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The Learning Technology Officers for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are Lucky Bhandare and Laura Nicholson.


Digital Learning drop-ins:

For general online support, ask the Digital Learning drop-in team . Available Monday to Friday 8.30-4.30pm.

We also run an MHS face to face and virtual drop every Thursday 12.00-2.00pm. During this time we will be located in room E62 in the Queens Medical Centre, so please pop by to ask any questions. Alternatively you can click here to join the Thursday MHS drop in virtually. 

Training courses

Key Moodle Basics

Training for ExamSys is now available online in Moodle at your own pace.  Please and ask to be added to the ExamSys Training in Moodle.

Many more courses can be found on the Short Courses home page.

Moodle help website - This searchable resource includes everything you need to know about using Moodle. If there is something you cannot find on this site, please do let us know and we will add or update it.

Using Teams for Teaching online: SharePoint site - This SharePoint resource explains how to decide which type of Microsoft Team to create, create the Teammanage the lifecycle of the Teamdecide on the structureAdd participantsset up and prepare an online meeting and alert students about the session

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