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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

If you have media files that you would like to present all in one location in Moodle, use the Media Gallery. You can also allow students to download media content from the Media Gallery if you wish.

To access the Media Gallery, click on the navigation menu Hamburger menu icon and select Media Gallery.

Media Gallery in hamburger menu

Adding media files to Media Gallery

  1. Click on the '+ Add media' button from the Media Gallery

2. This will display the media you have already uploaded. If your video is there, click on the tick-box next to it and select 'Publish'.

If you need to upload a new video, click on the 'Add new' drop-down menu and select 'Media Upload'

3. This will open a copyright statement. If you agree to it, click on the tick-box.

4. Drag and drop your video into the space provided OR select 'Choose a file to upload' to find a file from your computer

Where to add media for upload

5. Your file will then upload to your Media Gallery and you can add details about your media below the upload bar

Adding details about media

6. Once you have added the details, click on the 'Save' button

Allowing download

You can also allow students to download media content from the Media Gallery if you wish.

To do this, click on the media thumbnail and choose Edit from the Actions menu.

Choose Downloads and select the quality of the downloads you wish to enable, 

Click Save.

Students will now see a download tab. 

When they click this tab, they will be able to choose to download the media content.


From your Media Gallery, you can also check on the Analytics by clicking on the 'Channel Actions' button and selecting 'Analytics' 

Analytics link in Channel Actions menu

The Analytics page shows the statistics for your media gallery. It looks at:

  • Category page views
  • Top videos
  • Top views
  • Insights
  • Category Performance Over Time
  • Top countries
  • Devices overview
  • Top Domains

You can then click into this for more detail

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