This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

  • You can use a Rubric as the Grading Method in Moodle Assignments.  
  • This allows you to mark submissions using set Criterion and levels.  
  • All Moodle rubrics are QUANTITATIVE. This means that the grade is calculated by Moodle from the choices you make in the rubric.  
  • You cannot have a rubric and then enter a grade yourself unless you override it in the gradebook, which would be confusing for students.

In the Settings for the Assignment scroll down to Grade and in the "Grading Method" select 'Rubric'

Selecting Rubric in Grade method in settings

Tip: More information on choosing and setting up these options is given in How to create a rubric for a Moodle assignment. You should look at that first.

This page is about using a rubric that is already set up.  

IMPORTANT: If a rubric is already set up do not change it once marking has begun.

How to mark an assignment using a rubric

  1. Go into the assignment dropbox by clicking on the assignment name
  2. Click on 'View all submissions'
  3. Click on the blue 'Grade' marking button of the relevant student Grade button
  4. The rubric appears under the heading Grade in the grading window for the student
  5. Click on the level that best describes the student's work for the criterion
    1. The level will be highlighted in pale green when you hover over it
    2. Once a level is selected it will stay highlighted in pale green - you can change your selection by choosing another instead
    3. You can leave comments for the student relating to each criterion
  6. Finally, 'Save changes'

Grading an assignment using a rubric

Save buttons

Note:  Set the "Marking workflow state" (if you turned on this functionality of the assignment dropbox settings) to 'Marking completed'.  This will highlight at a glance which submissions have been graded so far allowing the convenor to know when the grades can be release to students in bulk.

Marking workflow drop down

The grade attributed to the submission will be automatically calculated based on the levels chosen in the rubric and the maximum grade set in the assignment dropbox settings.  See example below.

Example grade

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