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Magic with Moodle: Using the Echo360 block to provide access to lecture recordings in Moodle

Professor Wyn Morgan

School of Economics

Introduction to Microeconomics (L11100 UK) (AUT 12-13)


The lectures are routinely recorded using the Echo360 facilities available in the interactive teaching rooms. This allows the students to review lectures at their convenience with the usual benefits of lecture capture. I wanted to make recordings available in Moodle in a timely way with not too much work - prior use of audio only files was helpful to students but was a fiddle to load into the VLE via updating links on a Word document.

What did you do?

Used the Echo360 block - very straightforward. It synchronises the Moodle module with Echo360 lecture captures and presents all recordings in a list.

How did it work out?

 On clicking the Echo360 block the students see a page with links to all recordings:

What did students think?

It's all very easy - the lectures are added automatically to the list – there's no need for the lecturer to do anything once the block is added.

Students like the access to videos – obviously if they missed the lecture (and no, attendance hasn’t fallen due to videoing either), if they were there but didn’t pick everything up or finally if they want to revise from the lecture directly. Students very positive and mentioned it in LCF as done by my colleague in Macro L11200 as a good thing.

Recommendations and tips

You don’t need to be in the video – I’m not at all as I wander around the room – so it is the screen capture and the audio that matter most. Don’t be scared to say/do things in class simply because it is being videoed. Get booked in early especially when you have your timetable set (more awkward to remember if they are ad hoc sessions but can still be done providing a little notice is given.

More information

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