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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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Layout, navigation and Images

Examples from staff in Schools around the University

From staff in Schools around the University


The aim is not only to make Moodle look interesting, but to:

  • improve navigation for students,
  • increase engagement
  • provide alternative ways to present information
  • improve the student experience of Moodle.

All Schools have templates which were created in consultation with staff in each School. These aim to:

  • keep modules across a School consistent
  • provide a better experience for the students when trying to find items such as assignments.
  • make it easier for staff – it’s a usable starting point
  • be flexible to suit your needs – for example, you can add more sections (topics) – BUT bear in mind the principle of consistency.

What did staff do?

By adding the block Module Navigation Moodle shows a “table of contents” automatically picked up from the Section name.

NOTE In the current Moodle (from July 2015) a table of contents appears automatically in the NAVIGATION block in every module.

You can also add images, a Wordle1 or a Prezi2, even using images for navigation.

What did students think?

  • Students overwhelmingly request clear navigation
  • They would prefer consistency across their modules. 
  • They like important items easy to locate
  • Staff may need to provide ways to navigate when students are new to the module and want a lot of introductory information and help with navigation
    support for students after they have become familiar with the module and just need to get quickly to the important places

Tips and recommendations

  • Start simple
  • Don’t make the images too big or overdo it with too many
  • Keep graphics discreet and useful to students – should fit with the overall University / Moodle design
  • If students have to scroll every time they visit the page, they will get frustrated!
  • Use the blocks available such as Module Navigation
  • Keep any embedded items such as Prezi or video to a minimum
  • Put just a few graphic items on the front page or it will take too long to load…

More information:

Moodle Help

How to achieve this

1Wordle – a way to create visual word maps of a piece of text or important concepts  ( or

2Prezi is an alternative to Powerpoint  with unusual zooms and transitions