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 Magic with Moodle: An all-School community page

Charlene Hill

School of Economics

Community Page (Economics) (UK) (12-13)


The School wanted to have a single place for information for all students in the School.  They used to have information in the Portal. (Some Schools have similar information in Workspace.) 

What did you do?

Created a module in Moodle that is a one-stop shop for all of our course information, including

  • timetable links,
  • exam office links,
  • whole-school presentations
  • news and announcements
  • Past exam papers and feedback for every single module for the past three years (as Moodle Books)
  • Term dates (a popular question in the office)
  • Learning Community Forum (all of which it is planned to fully move from Workspace to Moodle in the near future) 
  • RSS feeds from School's website

How did it work out?

Students find it easy to find the past exam papers and feedback for every single module, for the last three years (as Moodle Books) It’s easy to edit and staff can see what’s missing and arrange to add it Can add answers to frequently asked questions to the page so it continues to become more useful as time goes on.

What did students think?

One place to look for everything – students prefer that this is Moodle.

The module is linked to core modules in each year so that students automatically have access to it (self-enrolment can also be made available).

Recommendations and tips

  • Simple to create.
  • Moodle Book works very well for our exam papers

Further information

 Video of Charlene Hill talking about the module:

video platform video management video solutionsvideo player

Example screenshots


Sections 4 and 5

Sections 7, 8 and 9