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Using Moodle assignments in the School of Education


We needed certain features that were available in Moodle assignments and did not need the features that Turnitin offered, e.g.,

  • a School-specific grading scale (a system of ‘spot marks’)
  • to support School policy on grading
  • to deliver grades via Moodle
  • School assessment policy also requires the return to each student of a ‘feedback form’ for each assignment, explaining the criteria used in grading and how each particular assignment met (or failed to meet) those criteria.

What did you do?

  • We found Moodle assignments to be more configurable for our needs than Turnitin assignments. We now use Moodle assignments in modules across the School.
  • We could add our own grading scale (a system of ‘spot marks’) which ensured a match between School policy on grading, and the delivery of grades via Moodle.
  • We could also make use of Moodle’s ‘response files’ feature, which was important to us because of the need to return the feedback forms.

How did it work out? 

  • It is appropriate to support the School’s assessment policy
  • Staff were happy enough with it
  • Students have very little difficulty with it

 Recommendations and tips

  • In 12-13 I set up a rather clunky ‘copy and paste’ activity (using the ‘notes’ feature) to get students to confirm that they understood the regulations relating to assignment submission. In 13-14 I’ve ditched that idea and now simply remind students of the regulations (I include a link to them) and tell them that by clicking on ‘send for marking’ they are agreeing that they understand them.
  • One thing we find particularly useful is the ability to set up resubmission assignments which are visible only to students who fail to get a pass mark in the original assignment (using ‘grade condition’ in the ‘restrict access’ settings).
  • The problem many staff encounter is that the grading screen contains  too many columns and finding the ‘grade’ button for a particular assignment can involve a lot of horizontal scrolling.

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