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From 1st August 2017, a new version of Turnitin GradeMark has been available when you are marking Turnitin Assignments in Moodle. The new version is called Feedback Studio and it does the same things you’re used to but with a new interface that’s easier and quicker to use. I’ve already shown it to staff and had very favourable comments.

If you haven’t yet started to use Turnitin then you’ll find Feedback Studio an effective and useful way to start electronic marking to give feedback to students on their work submitted online. Some of the new features of Feedback Studio include:

  • The interface is cleaned up and much easier to use with less clicks to get to commonly used tools. For example, left click once anywhere in the paper to choose an e-annotation tool (QuickMark sets, bubble and text comments)
  • There is some basic formatting now available in text comments (bold and italics)
  • Web links can be added in text comments to direct students to sources of more information (e.g., websites or Moodle resources)
  • Multiple markers can add comments to the same paper: these will appear with initials appended in a separate layer for each marker
  • Layers are also used to show or hide the Similarity (formerly called Originality report) and the Grading (formerly called GradeMark) views rather than, as in in classic Turnitin, using tabs to switch between them and can be viewed at the same time
  • Icons such as Quickmarks access, overall comments, rubric, download etc. are all accessible from a toolbar to the right of the feedback window rather than in different places around the screen
  • Students can view their marks and feedback on mobile devices

Video - how to use Feedback Studio (4 minutes)

Click icon on bottom right for full screen version.

Our help pages on Feedback Studio ( and other Turnitin information)

More information from Turnitin

We’ll be providing Help, training and support to get to grips with the changes – if you have any questions, please contact your Faculty Learning Technology Consultant or

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