This is how a student views their grade and feedback in Turnitin's Feedback Studio

This refers to Moodle 3.8 from September 2020 onward.


This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

Once your lecturer has marked your assignment in Turnitin and released the grades and feedback (this happens once the Post Date has passed), you will be able to view both. 

NOTE: You are responsible for ensuring that you download your feedback as noted below. We do not gurantee that we can supply it after the end of the academic year.

How to view grade and feedback

NOTE: If you are downloading Turnitin feedback from a Moodle assignment, go into your assignment and click on the blue pencil and follow these steps from step 3.

If it is a Turnitin Assignment:

     1.   Click on the Turnitin assignment submission box.

2. This will load the Turnitin assignment page. At the bottom you will see your assignment details and within the "Grade" column your grade will appear. 

Viewing grade for assignment 

3. To see what feedback the marker has given you click on the 'Blue pencil' icon. 

Blue pencil icon next to grade

4. A new browser tab will open and load up Feedback Studio which will contain your assignment and the feedback. You may see comments written on your assignment.

The general feedback and further detailed feedback (this is often in a format called a rubric or grading form, if your marker uses one) is in the ‘Instructor Feedback’ panel to the right of the screen (highlighted in red in the image below).

To view comments entered into a rubric or grading form you need to click on the 'View Rubric' button (See View detailed feedback below). 

Comments are also shown inline in the paper.

Below this image is a breakdown of each button in the menu. 

Breakdown of each button in the menu

Menu in Feedback studio

The 'Layer icon' opens the Active Layers side panel.
In the 'Active layers side panel', you can select the checkbox for grading or similarity to choose which you want to show and deselect the layers that you wish to hide. You can return to this at any time to amend your active layers.

'Open instructor feedback panel' to see general feedback, access the rubric (if your assignment uses one) and see comments.
The 'Layer icon' Layers iconabove this lets you toggle the comments on or off.

'Open similarity layer'. For more information see viewing your Turnitin originality report.
The 'Layer' icon Layers icon above this lets you toggle the similarity layer on or off.

Click on this icon to see options to download the current view as a pdf file (with comments), a copy of your digital receipt and your original submitted file.

Click to see Submission Details including the Submission ID, date and time of submission, when it was graded and the word count.

Comments written on the assignment

If the marker has provided any comments directly on screen they will appear as a speech bubble icon on your assignment.

Click on those to reveal the comment. You may also see highlighted text that shows which text the comment relates to.

Comments on assignment

Click on the 'Speech bubble icon'

to reveal the comment

View detailed feedback

If the marker has provided more detailed feedback they may have used a rubric - to see this you can click on the 'View Rubric' button in the ‘Instructor Feedback’ panel. 

A pop-up window will load displaying the rubric with your feedback.

The screenshot below shows how this will look if the marker has provided feedback in a format called grading form (e.g., for the Faculty of Arts).

Viewing more detailed feedback

The screenshot below shows how this will look if the marker has used the format called rubric. The light blue boxes indicate the marker’s assessment of how well you have met each criterion. 

Example of a rubric in Turnitin

How to download your assignment with feedback in PDF

First, navigate to the page in Turnitin on which you can see the feedback on your screen.

  1. At the bottom of the menu bar, you will see two GREY icons,
    Click the first one - the 'Down arrow' icon.
  2. Click Current View: this will allow you to download and print a copy of the assignment complete with mark and comments (the comments are at the end).

NOTE: The second gives submission details including the Submission ID, date and time of submission, when it was graded and the word count.

Once you have clicked this icon this pop-up window will appear:

Select the 'Current View' option.

This will then prompt a PDF to be downloaded from Turnitin of your assignment with the feedback and mark.  

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