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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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Moodle Help & Support 


This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

How to upload a prepared website to Moodle

Prerequisite: you must have created a website with a number of linked pages, e.g.,  in a web editing tool.

Use relative links for all links between pages. Include all necessary supplementary files such as css style-sheets and images.

How to upload the zip file of the website

  1. Create a zip file of your whole site and all its files and sub-folders.
  2. Navigate to the module and click on the 'Turn editing on'  button (top right)
  3. Click on the  hyperlink
  4. Click on the word 'File' to go straight to the 'Adding a new File' screen

    5. Add a "Name" and a "Description" for your website. You can drag and drop your zipped file into the content section OR

  1. Click on the 'Add...'  icon button
  2. Click 'Choose file' button
  3. Browse to the zipped file to add, click 'Open'
  4. Click 'Upload this file'

How to unpack the zip file and display your website

  1. When the zip file icon  appears in the editing screen, click on it and select 'Unzip'

  1. IMPORTANT: Once unzipped, select the index or front page of your website and click on it then click 'Set main file'
  2. Click on the 'Save and return to module' or  'Save and display' buttons 

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