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Moodle Help & Support 


This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards 

How to: add a profile picture to Moodle

Having a picture associated with your profile gives you an immediate identity and oils the wheels of interaction. If you interact online with a lecturer or student you didn’t know before you have a chance of recognising them in the corridor, coffee room or lecture hall. If you’re on a distance learning module it may be a quick way to get a feel for the people you are talking to.

To add a profile picture to Moodle:

  1. Log into Moodle
  2. Click on your name (Top right) to drop down your personal menu. 
  3. Click Profile and then Edit Profile to edit your personal profile.
  4. Scroll down to the section “User picture” and click on User picture to open it.

  5. Drag and drop your image: Click and hold on the picture file and drag it into the Files box on the profile page.
    1. This Requires IE10 or higher and similarly up-to-date versions of Safari, Chrome or Firefox. For earlier browsers click Add  , Upload a file, Browse and Upload.
    2. You will need to keep the browser open while opening a second window containing a folder on your computer that contains the picture you want to use.
    3. Open the folder on your computer with the image you want to add.
    4. Select the image (single click) and hold down the left mouse button as you drag the image onto the 'drag and drop' area.  As you're dragging the image the dashed lines defining the 'drag and drop' area will appear red until the image is within the  area, the dashes will then change to blue.
    5. Release the left mouse button to add the file.
  6. The image will then appear in the file upload area
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update profile

NOTE: An approximately square-shaped picture is best, with a close-up of your face (not, e.g., a distant picture of yourself on a mountain or a picture of your cat) See our Help on getting images ready for Moodle.

I've uploaded a picture to my profile - where does it appear in the module?

  • Your profile picture will appear whenever someone clicks on your name and goes to your profile page
  • Viewing the list of Participants in your module shows the pictures next to each name
    • An editing teacher can add a People block to your module sidebar, and this enables anyone in the module to click on the list of Participants
  • It will appear against your posts in forums

If you are an editing teacher you can add your name and details (as a label) to your module front page and link your name to your profile page via an internal text link URL.

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