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Moodle Help & Support 


This applies to Moodle 3.4 from Summer 2018

How to: Set up weighted grades in grade book   

This is not set up in the individual assignments but within Grades, the Moodle grade book.

Accessing the grade book

  • In your module, click on the Navigation menu (hamburger menu) button (top right)  
  • Click on Grades

  • In the central drop=down menu at the top, click on Gradebook Setup to open the settings-editing page for the Moodle grade book for this module

If your grade items aren't already in a category you will need to add them in to one before you can apply the weighting.

Add a category or edit the category already existing

Add the relevant items to a category within the Gradebook.

  • Click Add category 
  • Give the category a name

  • Click Show more
  • Ensure Aggregation is set to "Weighted mean of grades"   

  • Click Save changes 

If you already have a category set up:

  1. Click on the Edit button against that category in the Actions column  

  2. Select Edit Settings

  3. You may need to click "Show more" under category name

  4. Against Aggregation click on the drop-down menu box and select 'Weighted mean of grades'

  5. and  Save changes and Continue

Move the assignments to be weighted into that category:

  1. Click the move arrow  for the grade item to be moved
  2. Click the space inside the category

  3. The grade item will move
  4. A new column called Weights will appear.
    This is where you will determine the importance i.e. the weighting of each assignment compared to others within the module

Setting the weightings of assignments

  1. Next to each assignment, in the Weight column, enter any number to change its importance in the overall calculation of the module grade.  For example: for an assignment you wish to contribute 30% to the total module calculation enter 0.3 in the weight field alongside that item.
  2. Click on the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.

Note:  0 means the grade for this assignment will not be considered in the overall calculation for the module.  1 means 100% of the grade for this assignment will be considered in the overall calculation for the module; 1.0 is the default, meaning that every assignment has equal importance and will therefore contribute equally to the overall module grade e.g. 10 assignments will contribute equally 10% towards the final grade.

If you have formative assessments that you don't want to appear in the gradebook as part of the total, create a new category for Formative Assessments and set the weighting of that category to 0. Then move any formative assessments into that category.  See  Grades 5 - How to Add Categories & Organise the Gradebook

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