This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

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How to see a given user's activity on a SCORM package

Some modules include interactive e-learning materials bound into a resource known as a SCORM package. These packages have been designed to work with a wide variety of Learning Management Systems, not only with Moodle, and look and feel a bit different from ordinary Moodle materials. A useful feature that many such packages include is the ability to track a user's progress through the presented materials.  Here's how to see such activity for a given user.

Viewing activity

  1. Go to the module you are administrating
  2. In the 'Hamburger menu' select Grades

Grades in Hamburger menu

3. In the drop-down menu at the top, choose ‘User report’ 

Selecting User report from dropdown menu

4. You will see another drop-down called "Select all or one user", from the list choose the name of the person you want to view the activity of. 

Select all or one user dropdown

5. A new screen will appear. You will see a brown 'cardboard box' icon next to the name of the SCORM package, click on this icon

SCORM activity in User Report

6. Another screen is shown, here there are two tabs, under these tabs you will see an option called Interactions report, select this.

Report options

7. The page will update, extra columns will appear.  These relate to the different stages of activity in the package. Scroll to the right to see which parts of the package have been completed by the user. Green ticks indicate a section has been completed.