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This refers to Moodle 4.1 from December 2023 onwards.  

NOTE: Do not edit, change, detach, disconnect, attach or re-connect a rubric once marking has started. This risks loss of rubric comments.

How to: Add a previously created Turnitin rubric assessment

Once a rubric has been created by you or a colleague you'll need to attach it to an assignment via any of the submissions. This then applies to all other submissions in that dropbox. There is one rubric per assignment. Attempting to add another rubric to an Assignment Dropbox will delete the previous rubric and any feedback or marks created using it, so once a rubric is attached it should be used through marking.

 You can add the rubric when setting up the dropbox or before marking.

Editing or viewing an existing Turnitin rubric or creating a new one

  1. In your module, click on the Turnitin assignment you want to edit or add the rubric.

    Turnitin assignment dropbox.

  2. Go into the Submissions inbox and click on the 'Launch Rubric Manager' icon

    The submission inbox showing rubric manager icon in the far right column.

  3. In the rubric screen, click on the 'Menu' button with three lines in the top left-hand corner to view available rubrics and rubric options. 

    The menu button.

  4. In the drop-down list provided, look at the list of available rubrics at the bottom. Click on the rubric you would like to use.

Selecting a rubric from the dropdown.

Alternatively, you can access it when the assignment is set up (or afterwards). In this instance you would need to turn on 'Edit mode' using the toggle switch to the top right of the page.

Then go to the Turnitin assignment you wish to add the rubric to and click 'Edit' 

In the Settings of the Turnitin assignment, scroll down to GradeMark Options and click on 'Launch Rubric Manager'.

GradeMark options showing launch rubric manager button.

A default rubric may show up - but it is not yet attached. 

Note: When you have finished, remember to click on the 'Edit mode' toggle switch to turn editing off on your Moodle page.

Edit mode toggle switch.

Adding an existing rubric to an assessment

Method 1 - before submissions start

  1. Go to your Moodle page and click on the 'Edit mode' toggle switch.
  2. Find your Turnitin assignment, click on Edit and select 'Edit settings'
  3. On the Settings page, scroll down and expand the section "GradeMark options"

    grademark options.

  4. Drop down the menu and accept the statement in the window that appears.
  5. Select a rubric from the drop down menu

    Rubrics available in dropdown menu.

  6. Click save and remember to click on the 'Edit mode' toggle switch to turn editing off on your Moodle page.

    Edit mode toggle switch.

If you add a rubric at this stage, students will be able to see it BEFORE they submit.

When students start submitting and you go in to mark in Feedback Studio, you will see the rubric ready for you to use.

Method 2 - after submissions start coming in

  1. Go to the Submission inbox in Turnitin and click on the 'Blue pen' icon in the "Grade" column.

    Grade column with edit icon.

  2. This will lead you to the Feedback Studio. On the right corner of your screen, click on the Rubric icon. Then click on the 'Cogwheel' icon in the top right corner. It will open one of the rubrics previously created.

    the rubric icon and cogwheel.

  3. Drop down the 'Menu' on the top left and select the rubric you wish to attach to your assignment .

Selecting a rubric.

4. Click 'Save' if you have made any changes.

5. Click on the 'Off' button next to "Attach to Assignment" at the bottom left corner of the window this will then turn to 'On'.

Attach to assignment - Off.

Attach to assignment - On.

To share the rubric

  1. In the opened rubric (opened using any of the methods above), click on the 'Cogwheel' icon in the top right corner. It will open your rubric.
  2. Drop down the 'Menu' on the top left and select Download

Download rubric option in Rubric menu.

3. Save the file to your computer

Downloaded rubric file.

You can send this file by email or any other method.

To import a rubric

  1. In the rubric window, click Upload Rubric/grading form from the 'Menu' in the top right

upload form dropdown menu.

2. Drag and drop in the file containing the rubric

Dragging and dropping a rubric to upload.

3. When uploaded successfully, close and use the rubric.

Note: You can also export and import rubrics from the rubric manager menu

submission inbox and the rubric manager icon.

Import and export option in Rubric Manager window.

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