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When Feedback files is enabled in the assignment settings you will be able upload a file that a student can access. The file could be a version of their assignment with your comments added, or a separate file such as a marking form. 

Providing Individual feedback 

1) When you are ready to mark click on the assignment drop box.

2) A new page will load which provides the grading summary. Click on the View/grade all submissions link. 

3) A new page will load that contains all the submission information for students on the module. In the Grade column click on the grey pencil icon which will load a new page. 

4) A new page which contains a section called Submission status will load. To download the student’s assignment click the assignment link within the File submissions section. This will prompt you to download the assignment. It is important that you ensure you download the assignment to your computer.  Please note: If the file opens without you first saving the file to your computer then any comments you add will not be saved. 

An alternative to downloading each student's submission individually is to download all student assignments in one zipped folder. To do this go back to the submission information page you was previously on. Towards the top left click the drop down menu called Grading action and select Download all submissions. Save the folder on your computer’s desktop. 

If you do download the zipped folder, please ensure that you unzip the folder otherwise any comments you write within the assignments will not save. It is recommended that you create a folder to unzip the assignments to. To unzip the folder right-click and select Extract all and then select your destination folder.


Once you have unzipped all the submissions you can then begin reading through the submissions. Depending on what file format the student has submitted you should be able to provide comments on their submission in if they are in Microsoft Word or PDF. 

5) After you have marked the assignment you can enter a mark in the Grade window. 

6) When you are ready to upload the feedback file you can do so by either dragging the file onto the white box within the Feedback files section of the page (please note you will need be using Google Chrome, FireFox or IE11 web browsers to do this). 

The other alternative is to click on the paper icon in the top left hand corner. A pop-up window will appear where you will need to click the Choose File and then select the file you wish to upload. Once this is done then click Upload this file.


7) When the file is uploaded you should see the file icon or the documents title name. This signifies that the file has uploaded correctly. Click Save changes.

8) A new page will load that confirms that the grade changes were saved. Click the Continue button. 

9) The submission information table page will load. If you scroll the table towards the right, in the Grade column you will see the mark entered. And in the Feedback files column you will see the feedback file provided. 


Moodle Help & Support 

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Queries, comments or questions?

Please contact your local elearning support team.

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