This refers to Moodle 3.11 from September 2022 onward 

Please note: you will need to be an Editing teacher on the module where your H5P content sits and on the module you want to move it to.

Method One: Import content from another module

If you are an editing teacher on a module, you will be able import contents from one Moodle module to another module you are an editing teacher on.

1. On the module you want to move the content to, click on the Cogwheel icon in the top right and select Import.

Cog menu on a Moodle module page

2. A number of modules you can import content from will be listed. You can either select from this list or search for a module in the search bar at the bottom of the page then select it.

3. Click Continue to move to the next page.

Selecting a module to import from

4. As you are only copying over H5P content, the only tick boxes which need to be selected are Include activities and resources and Include content bank.

Please note: If you do not wish to copy the entire content bank across, do not check the tickbox.

5. Click Next to continue.

Import settings for importing H5P content

6. At the top of the page, under Include, select None.

Include options for import

7. Find the content you want to copy over. You will first need to select the heading then select the content. Do this for all content you want to import across.

Selecting a section and H5P activity in Moodle to import

8. Click Next to continue.

Previous, cancel and next buttons

9. Check and confirm what you are wanting to import. Once confirmed, click Perform import. If you need to amend what you are importing, click Previous.

Previous, cancel and perform import buttons

10. After the import has completed, the H5P content you imported over will appear in the equivalent page on this module as the page it has been imported from. You may need to add additional sections on your page to find it.

Method Two: Download and upload content from the content bank

If you are an editing teacher in two modules, you will be able download content from one module's content bank and add it to the other module's content bank.

1. Open your H5P from the content bank.

2. Click on the Cogwheel icon in the top right and select Download.

The cogwheel menu in a H5P activity

3. Once your H5P file is downloaded, go to other content bank of the other module and click on the Upload button.

A H5P content bank in Moodle

4. Drag and drop your H5P file into the box or find your file by selecting Choose a file...

5. Once you have added your file, click Save changes and it will appear in your module's content bank.

Uploading H5P content to Moodle

Method Three - Searching for H5P content when creating a H5P content

If you are editing teacher on two modules, could be able to search for content in a different module's content bank when creating an activity.

1. Click on Turn editing on button in the top right of your module.

Turn editing on and cog wheel icons

2. In the section you want to add your activity to, click on the +Add an activity or resource link.

Add an activity or resource button

3. From the pop up, select 'H5P'. It will appear in the All and Activities Tabs.

H5P icon in Moodle's activity picker

4. Give your activity a Name.

5. Give your activity a Description (optional).

6. Click on the File icon.

(If you had downloaded your file, as per Method Two, you can drop your H5P file here too)

Creating a H5P activity in Moodle

7. Select Content bank from the File picker.

8. Use the breadcrumb trail and folders (representing modules and categories) to navigate to the module where your H5P content is.

Folders representing moodle modules and categories in the File Picker

9. Once you have found your content, select it.

H5P folders in the File Picker

10. Select Make a copy of this file so it creates a new copy in the content bank where you can edit it so it does not affect the original.

11. Change the name if necessary under Save as.

12. Once ready, select Select this file.

Selecting a H5P file and changing some of its properties

13. Make another amendments to the settings before selecting either Save and return to module or Save and display.

H5P settings in Moodle

Please note: When selecting content to embed in a book / page / lesson etc, you can search for content in a similar way.

Please note: Don't forget to Turn editing off when you have finished.

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