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How to: grade using a rubric with a letter as the grade

Instead of using a simple letter-based scale to grade assignments you may want to use a rubric, which is always points-based, that will automatically translate into a letter-based grade.  This method uses a rubric and a scale as a marking method.  You need to have...


Applying a scale and rubric to a Moodle Assignment dropbox

  1. Go into the settings of the assignment dropbox
  2. In the Grade section select:
    1. "Type" = 'Scale'
    2. "Scale" = choose the name of your scale e.g. 'Letters'
    3. "Grading method" = 'Rubric'
  3. Click 'Save and return to module'

Setting the grade settings to a rubric with a lettered scale

Marking using the rubric with a scale

  • Go into the dropbox and mark using the rubric as normal by selecting the appropriate points-based option per criterion:  Using Rubrics in Assignments
  • In the background
    • the points achieved from the rubric will be translated into a percentage
    • the options in the scale create a banding structure of equal proportions e.g. if there are four options, A-D, the bands will be in 25% increments...D is 0-25, C is 25.1-50, B is 50.1-75, and A is 75.1-100.  If a student gets 50.67 they will receive a B.  

Note:  A numerical value will still be shown for the Module total in Grades.  If you do not want students to see this you will need to hide it by going into the Administration block > Grades > choose Settings:  Module from the dropdown at the top of the page > in the User report section change 'Show percentage' to Hide.

What does the student see?

If you've hidden the percentage column within the User report via Grades a student will see this when they click on Grades:

Student view of assignment in grades

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