This refers to Moodle 3.8 from September 2020 onward

When you are ready to grade the contributions in your forum, you will need to:

  1. Go to the forum you want to grade
  2. Click on the ‘Grade users’ button which will open the forum grading

On the page, you will be able to see all contributions by a student in that forum. This includes both discussion posts and any replies that they make.

3. To grade a student, enter the in "Grade" option

4. If you want to notify the student of the grading, select ‘Yes’ from the "Notifications" options

5. Click on the 'Arrow' icons to navigate to the next student or you can search for a particular student by clicking on the 'Magnifying glass' icon

6. When you have finished grading, click on 'Save' in the top right

Grading forum posts

If you decide to use either rubrics or a marking guide for marking, the process will be slightly different. You find details here on how to use rubrics in Moodle forums and marking guides in Moodle forums.

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