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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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Moodle 3.8

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Giving a user higher level access to an activity or block

Occasionally you may wish to give an individual who is enrolled on your module a different level of access to a particular activity or block.  This means they have a greater level of access just to that activity.

For example, you may wish one of your students to act as a social forum administrator or for a teaching associate to be able to print off seminar attendance sheets. This can be achieved by using the ‘assign roles’ process.

Giving a user higher level access to an activity or block

  1. Navigate to the Moodle module you want to work in. Click on the 'Turn editing on' button (top right).
  2. Go to the activity (or some blocks) you want to assign a role to and click on the Edit hyperlink. In the drop-down list select 'Assign roles'.
  3. Now you must choose the level of access the individual has on this item.  For security and simplicity, choose the lowest role that allows the individual to ‘get the job done’.  In this case we have chosen ‘Editor’.

Choosing a role

4. Next, you must choose which individuals will hold this role on this activity or block.  Type their name, username or ID number into the right-hand ‘search’ box, select them from the ‘Potential users’ panel on the right,  then click on ‘Add’.  Their names will be removed from the right and will appear on the left.

You can now return to the module.