This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

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How to generate an activity report for a student

See also How to see tracking information for students

Logs and activity reports for students allow you to find out:

  • if and when a student has logged into your module
  • an particular student's activity in your module
  • the date and time that a student has accessed a particular resource or activity
  • which students have participated in a particular activity (and whether they have simply viewed it or taken action)
  • a student's current grade

To find out about an individual student:

  1. Open the 'Hamburger Menu' and select Participants

Finding participants in Hamburger menu

2. Click on the user's name or profile picture to open their profile page.

Name of a user

3. Report options for that user can be found in the "Reports" tab

Available user reports

4. Select a report option from the expanded list   

    • Today's logs - timestamped list and graph representing the student's actions for the current day
    • All Logs - timestamped list and graph representing the student's actions for a series of days
    • Outline report - a breakdown of a student's current participation per Moodle activity
    • Complete report - a detailed list of a student's up-to-date interaction with all Moodle activities
    • Statistics 
    • Grades Overview
    • Grades - shows student's current grade per activity
    • File Conversions

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