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Moodle Help & Support 


For Moodle 3.4 from September 2017 onwards

How to enable resubmission of a Moodle assignment

When setting up the Moodle Assignment you can choose to allow students to resubmit

You can set a cut-off date after which they can no longer resubmit.

See How to create an assignment


A student can resubmit right up until the deadline, just by returning to the assignment
How to delete a draft assignment in a Moodle assignment dropbox

Preventing resubmission right from the start using Submit for marking button

It is possible to add an extra step so that until the student clicks Submit for marking the assignment is not final.

Whether or not the SUBMIT button is enabled,
the Editing Teacher can re-open the assignment for selected student(s) to allow resubmission if required.

The student: 

  • submits an assignment through Moodle
  • checks it over and
  • clicks Submit

Once the student has clicked this, s/he cannot now resubmit.

The Editing Teacher has access to reset this for individual students (provided that "Manually" is set in the settings, see screenshot above). To do so: 

  • Go to your module
  • Find the assignment and click on the assignment name
  • Click  on the View all submissions hyperlink
  • Click on the Select box for the submission that needs to be amended  (see illustration right)
  • Below the table is a drop-down menu entitled With selected... click on  Allow another attempt, then click on the Go button.

The student can then resubmit. Note: If late submissions are allowed, then resubmissions can also take place after the due date.

To prevent all students resubmitting

The "Lock submissions" option can be used at any point to prevent one, several or all students from further resubmission.

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