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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

How to enable resubmission of a Moodle assignment

  • When setting up the Moodle Assignment you can choose to allow students to resubmit
  • You can set a cut-off date after which they can no longer resubmit.

See How to create an assignment

Default settings for resubmissions

  1. In the editing page, Submission settings will appear, by default, as per the example below:
    Note: A student can resubmit right up until the deadline, just by returning to the assignment. 

Submission settings

2. With "Maximum Attempts" set to 'Unlimited', students can resubmit as many times as they wish until the deadline.

Moodle will consider every submission as being final, though the option for resubmission remains until deadline. This is not the case with all submission settings.

How to allow students to finalise their submissions (after which they cannot resubmit) 

It is possible to add an extra step so that submissions are NOT final until the student selects Submit assignment.

Once selected, students will no longer be able to resubmit.

  1. To enable this setting, go to Submission settings and in the field "Require student to click the submit button" select 'Yes'.

Submission settings

This will make a difference to what the student sees when submitting. Instead of one submission button, they will be given a choice between 'Edit submission' and 'Submit assignment':

Edit and submit assignments from Student view

If the student does choose Submit Assignment, they will be asked to confirm that they are ready to submit for grading AND they will be reminded that the submission will be final.

Confirming submission from student view

Re-opening assignments

The Editing Teacher can re-open an assignment to allow resubmissions for selected students, if required.

This is possible whether or not the Submit button has been enabled.

The Editing Teacher can reset submissions for selected students provided that "Attempts re-opened" has been set to 'Manually' in the Submission settings.

Submission settings

How to re-open an assignment to allow resubmissions

  1. Navigate to the relevant module, click into the assignment and select 'View all submissions'
  2. Click on the relevant select boxes for the submission that needs to be amended.

Selecting a student to allow resubmissions

3. Below the table is a drop-down menu entitled "With selected..." click on 'Grant extension', then click on the 'Go' button.

4. The student can then resubmit.

Note: If late submissions are allowed, then resubmissions can also take place after the due date.

To prevent all students resubmitting

The 'Lock submissions' option can be used at any point to prevent one, several or all students from further resubmission.

Lock submissions for students in dropdown

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