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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from September 2022 onward 

How to embed H5P into an existing Moodle resource (e.g. Page or Book)

The information on this page assumes you have previously created H5P interactive content in your content bank. Tutorials on how to do this are available in the H5P Demo Page.

  • Turn editing on for your module. Example of the 'turn editing on' button in Moodle
  • Select Edit for the Moodle resource (e.g. ‘Page’ or ‘Book’) then select Edit Settings from the menu that appears.
  • Use the H5P button in the text editor to embed an H5P activity from your content bank.

Example of the H5P button in the atto text editor

  • Select Browse repositories, and then Content bank.
  • Select the H5P activity you want to embed and then Select this file and then Insert H5P.
  • If desired continue adding additional content to your Moodle resource.
  • When you have finished editing your Moodle resource, click Save and return to module or Save and display.
  • Don't forget to click on Turn editing off when you have finished editing your module. 

Note: H5P content embedded using the text editor does not appear in the module’s gradebook.

Please note: If you are creating a new 'Page', 'Book' or other resource where you can embed H5P. You will need to follow the steps above (apart from the first two bullet points). 

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