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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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This page refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

Web links are simple links to web pages or content elsewhere on Moodle (use the direct URL)

  1. Navigate to your module and click on the 'Turn editing on' button  (top right).

  2. Select 'Add an activity or resource'  in the section you want to add the link. It appears at the bottom of every section

  3. Click on the 'URL' word to select this resource

3. You will find yourself on the 'Adding a new URL' screen

4. Enter the "Name" of the link (e.g., Higher Education Academy Website) and a "Description". Type or paste in the website address (URL) in the "External URL" field

5. In "Appearance", choose a display option

    1. 'Automatic' - Moodle chooses the best display option
    2. 'Embed' - The URL is displayed within the page below the navigation bar together with the URL description and any blocks
    3. 'In frame' – The URL is displayed within a frame below the navigation bar and description
    4. 'New window' – opens new browser window with usual menus and address bars  (RECOMMENDED)
    5. 'Open' - Only the URL is displayed in the current browser window
    6. 'In pop-up' - The URL is displayed in a new browser window without menus or an address bar

6. Decide if you want to "Display the URL Description" and click the appropriate checkbox

7. Click 'Save and return to module' or 'Save and Display'.

Saving the URL

8. When you had added the link, don't forget to 'Turn editing off' at the top right of the Moodle page