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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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Moodle Help & Support 


The information below applies to all versions of Moodle.

For Campus Solutions (MyNottingham) listed modules (with a module code):

If it is a Campus module then the module will have been created automatically at the beginning of the year.

So it is likely that the module already exists and that you simply need to make changes or add to it as an editing teacher.

You can be enrolled as an editing teacher in three ways (in order of likely speed):

  1. An existing editing teacher can enrol you (if you know who it is likely to be, e.g., last year's convenor)
  2. Your Moodle Administrators in your School can enrol you (the School Manager will usually know who this is if they are not personally able to do it)
  3. Let know the code and title of the module and we can enrol you.

Note that modules like these are invisible to students by default so will probably appear at the end of your list under Module Overview

If NOT a Student Record System module

If it is a non-Campus module that did not exist previously, then please request one. Go to and create a call to Learning Technologies. Ensure you let us know:

  • Suggested title (e.g., Economics Careers)
  • Which category you would like it created in (e.g., Law > Postgraduate) - this usually relates to the School which "owns" the module
  • Is it just for the UK, or just for China, or just for Malaysia, or will it be available across two or all campuses?
  • Will this module be (1) repeated in future years (with a different cohort of students) or (2) is it ongoing with new students being continually added to the old ones and existing students staying on the module)
  • Who is the editing teacher if not yourself?

Now consider how will students become enrolled on the module:

  • If all relevant students are already enrolled on a particular coded module, we can collect the enrolments directly by linking up that module in a parent-child or meta-module relationship
  • You can enrol all student manually yourself
  • You can make the module self-enrolable (with or without a password)

You will need to let us know how enrolment should happen - we are happy to discuss this with you to work out the best option (which may be a combination of the above).

It is also possible to have a staff only module - but again it is necessary to consider how the staff will become enrolled (the Campus option is not available for staff, but it may be possible to enrol via a spreadsheet which you prepare).