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Moodle Help & Support 

This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

How to create a Book

The Book activity creates a linear series of web pages, very much like an "online book".

"The Book makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format.  ...Previously created websites can be imported directly into the Book module. Books can be printed entirely or by chapter. The Book module allows you to have main chapters and sub chapters, but it goes no deeper. In other words, sub chapters cannot have their own sub chapters. The book module is not interactive. You can, however, link to choices, forums etc., from within a book. And you can include multimedia objects like Flash movies in your book."

Adding a Book to your module

  1. Navigate to your module and click on the Turn editing on  button (top right).

  2. Click on the +Add an activity or resource hyperlink in the section where you want the book to be created. 

  3. Scroll down to the Resources section of the pop up menu options and select the Book  option. Then click on the Add button.

Book settings explained

  • Enter the Name of the book (e.g., Introduction to the Module)
  • Enter a brief Description if wanted. This will not show in the book but will show up elsewhere (e.g. when you print the book). 
  • Choose the Chapter formatting you would like. There are four choices, None/Numbers/Bullets/Indented. If you wish to add Custom titles, ensure it is ticked.
  • Choose the Style of navigation you would like. There are three choices: Images, TOC (table of contests), Text.

  • Click Save and display  which will take you into the book to create the first chapter. 

Adding a chapter/page to your Book

      After the first chapter of a book has been created, entering the book will automatically create a Table of Contents block at the top of the left hand column. You still need to be in editing mode to add/amend further chapters.

  • To add another page, enter the book, then click the plus (+) icon situated on the far right of the Table of Contents block.  A new chapter set up page will load up. 

    Note:  There are Chapters and Sub-chapters, but no further levels, so think of it as Pages and Sub-pages.
  • Enter a 'chapter' title. If you wish it to be a sub-page, tick Sub-chapter
  • Enter the content for the page in the book, formatting and adding graphics, media etc.
  • Click on the Save and return to module or Save and Display buttons to view the page you have created. 

Editing a Book

When editing a book go to the main module page and click Turn Editing On

THEN navigate to your Book.

You can then edit and add chapters (pages) in the Book.

Alternatively Edit Settings as normal to edit the overarching settings for the Book (rather than its contents).

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