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Moodle Help & Support 

How to: Add Video and Audio in Moodle

You can easily upload and share media files in Moodle and your students will be able to play the content back on any device.
You can also ask your students to submit media as part of their assignments. If you want to do this, please refer to the alternative documentation  How to add a Video Assignment
If you want to upload media files outside of Moodle, please refer to the alternative documentation Publishing video to MediaSpace

upload media

embed media

Quick reference guide 

  1. Log into Moodle, navigate to your Moodle module and click on the Turn editing on button (top right).
  2. To add a media item to your Moodle module, go to the section where you want it and click on the + Add an activity or resource hyperlink. 
  3. Scroll down the list and select Media Resource
  4. Click on the Add button, and in the next screen enter the Name for the media resource.
  5. Upload a media file, record from a webcam or select previously uploaded content.
    NOTE: Maximum size for video or audio is 2 GB. We expect most to be smaller than this.

For more detailed instructions including screenshots, refer to the following Step by Step instructions

Step by Step

1. Log into Moodle

To use the media upload service, first log into Moodle.

2. Add a media item to your moodle module

  • Navigate to your Moodle module and click 
  • Drop down the  Add an activity or resource menu
  • Select Media Resource from the Resources section

  • Click on Add
  • Enter a Name and Description, then select Add Media from the Video section.

A new window will open that contains the Kaltura 'Browse and Embed' page.

  • You can add your own media resource from the My Media or Media Gallery tabs.
  • Alternatively, you may want to upload a resource from the Shared Repository.

  • Select your resource and determine the frame size, then click Add media. This will return you to the module settings page and your resource will appear in the Video section.

  • If you wish to add another resource, click Add Media, otherwise click Save and Return to Module.
  • Your resource will appear in the nominated topic like this:
  • To make the resource visible you will need to embed it.

How to embed media

  • To begin, click on Cogwheel Icon > Filters And set Media Resources to On

  • You can now embed media in any Moodle resource or activity that includes the text editor, by click on the Embed Media icon in the editor toolbar.

  • Again, you will be taken to the Kaltura 'Browse and Embed' page to select the resource you want to embed.
  • In the Text Editor, the embedded media will appear as a hyperlink.

  • However, after clicking Save Changes the resource will appear in the topic as you would expect.

How to allow download of media

To allow viewers to download a media item:

  • On your My Media page (under Site home in the Navigation block), click Edit for the media you want to let viewers download.
  • The Edit Media page opens.
  • Choose the Downloads tab and select the check box(es) next to the version(s) that you would like to make available for downloading. Do not allow download of the source file as this may not be in a format compatible to the viewer's device.
  • Click Save.

Now viewers will see a download option when they view this content in the Media Gallery.

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