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How to: Add a Workshop activity to your module  ADVANCED

This is a peer review and self-assessment activity that you could set up for some assignments such as reports, architecture diagrams etc.  You don't need to have both methods of assessment, you could just have self-assessment or just peer review and then manage the overall grading afterwards.

The type of assessment students are asked to do can vary from a simple Yes/No to more complex but more effective criteria-based rubrics: students have to choose how well they or another student have met a particular criterion.  You can include some example papers and make it compulsory that students read and assess them before they start assessing others’ assignments, to ensure that they understand how the rubric works.

Adding a Workshop activity

  1. Go to your module and Turn editing on 
  2. Scroll down to the section you would like the Workshop to appear and click on the Add an activity drop-down list
  3. Select Workshop from the list

Workshop settings explained

Workshop features and Grading settings

Submission settings

 Assessment settings


Access control

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