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Moodle Help & Support 

This refers to Moodle 3.2 from September 2017 onward

How to: add a Rogo Self Assessment Paper  

You can use the External Tool activity to add a Rogo self assessment link in Moodle. The Rogo assessment once started will run in a new window. 

Adding the Rogo Self Assessment Paper to your module

  • Click on the Turn editing on button (top right)
  • In the section/topic in which you would like to add the Rogo Self Assessment paper, click on the + Add an activity or resource hyperlink
  • Select the External Tool and click on the Add button


  • Complete the Activity name field with the text that you want to appear on the Moodle page  
  • Select Rogo from the External tool type field

  •  Leave the setting for the Launch container field as Default

  • Once you have finished setting the fields above click on the Save and display button.

 Note: Settings in the Privacy section do not need to be amended. Rogo grades will appear in the Moodle Grade book. The synchronisation, however, is not instantaneous, so set up papers well in advance.

Selecting the Rogo Paper

  • You will be shown a list of papers that are available in Rogo for the current module. These can be the Formative self assessments or Progress Tests

  • Select the paper you want to include as a link in your Moodle module.
  • You will then be presented with the paper you have chosen to allow you to check it is the correct one.  If it is not the correct paper you will need to repeat the above process and delete this one from your module.

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