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This refers to Moodle 3.11. from September 2022 onward 

How to add H5P interactive content as an activity in your module

Please note: You will need to create the content in the content bank before you can add it as an activity. There is guidance on how to add the different content types on the H5P Demo Page on Moodle (self-enrol module).

  • Turn editing on for your module.
  • Click on Add an activity or resource in the section where you want to add the H5P activity.
  • Select ‘H5P’ and click Add (or double click on the activity name).

Editing the settings of a H5P activity

The settings page of a H5P activity is comprised of two main sections: general and H5P options.

In the general section you are asked to provide the following details:

  • Name [required field]. This is what learners will see on Moodle
  • Description [optional].
  • Description checkbox [optional]. Decide whether the description is shown on Moodle or not.
  • Package file [required]. You must provide a .h5p package file for this Moodle activity. H5P package files (.h5p) are created when you create content in the content library. You have the option of using a file picker to find a file you have saved to your content bank or going directly to your content bank to create a new piece of content.

In the H5P options section you are presented with three checkboxes:

  • Allow download [optional – not recommended]. Allow users to download the .h5p file for this activity
  • Embed button [optional – not recommended]. Allow users generate an iframe for embedding this interaction on other Moodle pages.
  • Copyright button [optional – not recommended]. Show copyright information (shows copyright information for images you have added).

Adding content to your Moodle activity

  • Give your activity a name (this is what learners will see on the Moodle page).
  • In order to add an interaction to this Moodle activity you must select a .h5p file from your content bank to the package file section of the settings page. If you have not used the content bank to create your interaction yet, you must first navigate to the content bank and create the interactive content – selecting this option will open the content bank in a new tab in your web browser

Example the package file picker and link to content bank

  • Once you have an interaction in your content bank you can select the .h5p package file by selecting add and then select content bank from the file picker.

Example of the 'file picker' for using the content bank

  • Select the H5P package file you wish to use from your content bank.
  • In the Grade section, unless you want the H5P to appear in the gradebook, you will need to select "None" for Type. Otherwise, any H5P content you create will appear in the content bank regardless of whether there is a grade or not.
  • When you have finished, click Save and return to module or Save and display.

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