This refers to Moodle 4.1 from December 2023 onwards

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How to add Engage recordings with the Echo360 link in Moodle

First, provide a link to all of the videos attached to your module. You can also add individual videos wherever appropriate in the module page.

To add the Echo360 link in Moodle:

1. Go to your Moodle page and click on the 'Edit mode' slider in the top right corner to enable editing.

Edit mode slider with edit enabled

2. In the topic where you want to add the recordings, click on Add an activity or resource. 

Add an activity or resource link in Moodle

3. In the pop-up window, in Activities, click on the 'Echo360 Cloud'

Echo360 Cloud button in the activity picker

4. This will open a new page. Give the activity a name, (e.g. Lecture Recordings) and 'Save and display’.

Settings when adding an Echo360 activity in Moodle

5. This will open a new page where you will need to click on the ‘Open in new window’ link.

Open in new window link

6. This will then open Echo360 where you can select the recording/s that you want to add. You will often find that your module is already linked correctly to the Echo360 Engage system by default. If not use the dropdowns to find the 'Term', 'Course' and 'Section'

New users need to make sure you have been set up in the Engage system (email

Selecting term, course and section for an echo360 activity

7. To add a link to ALL the recordings for that module, ensure ‘Link to the Section Home’ is selected (as in the screenshot below) and click on 'Connect'.


To add a link to a single video, e.g., an introduction or the video for a particular topic, click on 'Link to a classroom', select the video and then click on 'Connect'.

Selecting either section home of a session for an Echo360 activity

8. You can then return to your Moodle page and find the link to the Echo360 activity. 

9. When you have finished editing, click on the 'Edit mode' slider in the top right corner.

Embedding Echo360 videos

You can also add individual Echo360 videos into your Moodle page. Please embed them in Pages, or Books if possible, rather than labels.

If you embed videos in this way it is not connected to the module. Any analytics will only show anonymous views.

Avoid Labels where possible, as too many videos embedded on the front page of a module can slow down the loading of the page by up to a minute.

More help

The following other resources are also relevant to this topic:

There is a very helpful Moodle module Introduction to Engage for Staff  with lots of useful information

There is also a helpful Xerte toolkit on Engaging and Monitoring Students Using Echo360