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Moodle Help & Support 

This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

How to: Create options in an Allocation form

This is Step 2 of 3 in creating an Allocation Form. This is the next step after you have added an Allocation Form to your module and set the appropriate settings. Please refer first to Step 1. How to Add an Allocation Form

Adding a new option to an Allocation Form

Once you have chosen the settings for your Allocation Form and clicked on the Save and display button an Option List will appear. From here you can create the choices available for students to choose from and make the Allocation Form active i.e. available for students to make the choices.

The number of spaces for allocation is the number of places available on each option e.g. 3 options with 15 places each = 45 spaces for allocation.

  • Click on the Add new option hyperlink
  • Create an Option name for the option e.g. Work placement with Vodaphone or Optional Module AF11CB1
  • Set the number of places (Maximum allocations) available for the option e.g. 4 places available with the same work placement or 20 places available on an optional module
  • Click on the Save changes button

After adding an option you will be returned back to the main screen and you will need to click Add New Option again.

Tip: Your option name/title should be fairly short ("The Viking World", "Placement in Nepal"). Any long description of the options should go in the Description portion of the of the Allocation Form.
Repeat for each option you need to add.

Note: There is no limit on the number of options you can enter.

Finally, to make the form available for students (on the Start date you have set) click on the Make the form active hyperlink. Once the form is active DO NOT make any changes to the settings as this will affect choices already made on the form by students.

Warning: The options cannot be seen by students until the Allocation Form has been made active.

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