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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onward

How to: Adjust the allocations process in an Allocation form

This is Step 3  of 3 in creating an Allocation Form. This is the next step after you have added an Allocation form to your module and created the options for students to choose from. First see

Once the closing date/time has been reached, any student attempting to complete the form will see the message:

Allocation form processing message

Processing of allocation forms takes place automatically on the deadline date.  It can take up to 24 hours to produce the allocation results.  The process looks something like this: 

Representation of how allocation works

Checking the allocation results

Once the processing has been completed, Editing Teachers and Editors can click on the title of the Allocation form in the module to view a list of students and the option they have been allocated. Students will not be able to view their allocated options until you have made them available, allowing you time to amend the results and rerun the allocation process if required.

Note: Editing Teachers and editors can only view the allocation results once the deadline date set has passed, not before.

Review the allocations. If the allocations are not appropriate, then you can rerun the allocation.

Reviewing allocation forms

Amending the allocations

  • The 'Edit' option allows you to changes the number of allocations for this option before re-running the allocation process.
  • You can 'Generate a csv of user choices' that you can download, showing a list of students and preferences make prior to allocation.
  • Unallocated students will show in a list
  • 'Force reallocation will allow you to re-run the process
  • 'Make allocations available': Once you've finished making changes to the allocations you MUST make them available to students before they can see their options. Once made available it cannot be reversed.

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