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This refers to Moodle 4.1 from December 2023 onwards

How to:  Add an Allocation Form

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You can use the Signup Sheet to allow students to sign up for a single choice, and the Choice activity to provide a simple poll. However, there are occasions when you need to provide more than one choice ("choose three workshops from the following selection") and/or to have students allocated their choices fairly based on the overall choices/preferences made by all students using the Allocation Form you've set up.

Adding the Allocation Form to your module 

  • Log into Moodle and go to your Moodle module.
  • Use the editing toggle at the top of the right hand corner of Moodle to turn 'editing mode' on.
  • In the Section in which you would like to add the Allocation Form, click on the + Add an activity or resource hyperlink 
  • From the list, select 'Allocation form'

Activity and resources selector

Allocation Form Settings Explained


  • "Allocation form name": Enter a name for the allocation form
  • "Description": Enter a description for the allocation form

General settings for allocation form


  • "Number of choices": This denotes the number of choices a user has to spread around the options given to them
  • "Include do not want": Tick this box to allow the user to indicate if they definitely do not want a particular option allocating to them.
  • "Allocations per user": Tells the system how many choices to allocate each user to from the overall number of choices.

At this point in the process you do not specify the maximum number of options but it is helpful to know this and bear it in mind.

Setup choices

Form availability 

  • Choose a "Start date" which indicates the start of the time window in which users will be able to make their choices.
  • Enter a "Deadline" for the end of the period in which users will be able to make their choices. Note that once the deadline has elapsed the form will be processed typically within 60 minutes.
  • Choose a "Role to be allocated". i.e. what role (on this course) are the users picked from, usually (and by default) student.

Form availability

Once you have chosen the relevant settings click on the 'Save and display' button to choose the options available to students.

Next steps

2. Create options in an Allocation Form
3. Adjust the allocation process

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