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Moodle Help & Support (Staff)

This refers to Moodle 3.2 from September 2017 onward.

PeerMark is a peer assessment tool embedded within Turnitin that allows you to set additional anonymised assessment tasks to be completed by students based on a set evaluation criteria.  The marks that students give do not affect the overall grade of the student, it is more of a task to get students involved in the assessment process to help them better understand how to evaluate their own and others work. 

Add a Peermark assessment activity

You need to have created a Turnitin assignment dropbox as normal before you can add the PeerMark activity (see How To create a Turnitin assignment dropbox).  The PeerMark activity needs to be created before students start submitting to the dropbox.


  1. Click on the Turnitin assingment dropbox. 
  2. Beneath the Start, Due, Post dates and assignment summary click on the Peermark assignments icon (a green cogwheel):  
  3. Click on the green + button to create a new Peermark assignment. 

Setting up the PeerMark assessment activity

There are three tabs (PeerMark Assignment, PeerMark Questions, Distribution) of which you need to complete to set up the peer assessment activity.

Peermark Assignment

  1. Enter a Title and some Instructions for completing the peer assessment.  The instructions should be clear to ensure students are aware of the additional activity within the dropbox, what's expected of them and what they will get out of the activity.
  2. If you intend to award a mark to students who successfully complete the activity, i.e. evaluate another's assignment, enter the number of points in the Points value box.  Note:  The marks awarded will NOT form part of the whole grade for the assignment itself, it is a completely separate mark that will not show in Moodle Grades.
  3. Set the Start, Due and Feedback release (Post) dates as you would a normal assignment.  We advise that you set the peer assessment activity to start a few weeks after the assignment is due to be submitted to allow for any late submissions.  Once this is done press the Save & Continue button to save your work. 

    You cannot start a PeerMark assignment until the due date has passed in the main Turnitin assignment. 
    Note:  If a student submits their assignment after the submission due date but before the Peermark due date they will still be able to participate in the peer assessment activity and their assignment can still be included as long as there are other students still to evaluate/assignments to be evaluated.
  4. Click on the Additional Settings hyperlink below the dates to set the number of assignments to be allocated to students for evaluation.
  5. The default is everything checked as No and one assignment to be automatically allocated to a student.

    -        Award full points if review is written: If Yes checked, students automatically receive the full ‘Points value’ for completing an evaluation. If No checked, you need to manually award points based on the quality of their evaluation.

    -        Allow students to view author and reviewer names?: If No checked, students are anonymous to each other, but not to you.

    -        Allow students without a paper to review?: If Yes checked, students who have not submitted an asignment to be evaluated can still participate in the peer assessment activity.

    -        Allow submitters to read all papers after Start date?/ Allow students to read ALL papers and ALL reviews after Feedback Release Date?: These relate to the visibility of all submitted assignments. Students can only evaluate the number of assignments set in ‘Distribution of Papers’. If used, pair this with your anonimity settings.

    -        Papers automatically distributed by PeerMark/Papers selected by the student: Students must be auto-allocated a min. of one assignment (which relates to the “Points value” awarded). Evaluating others is optional, this is where you cap how many they can evaluate in addition.

    -        Require self-review?: In addition to evaluating other assignments, you can require that they also evaluate their own work.

  6. Press  the Save & Continue button.


PeerMark Questions

This is where you create text and scale questions for students to answer when evaluating assignments.

Press the + Add Question button to create your own question. You can choose from Free Response (where you can also set a minimum answer length) and a scale question. 

If you change the Question type to 'Scale' a further two boxes will appear.

The available fields are:

-        Question

-        Question type: This can be Free Response or  Scale

-        If Free Response selected, Minimum answer length: This is the minimum number of words that need to be entered as a response.

-        If Scale selected, Scale size: This is the maximum number of points you can have on a scale.

-        If Scale selected, Lowest/Highest: These are the labels that will appear next to 1 (lowest) and 5 (or whichever number you chose) (highest).

Click on the Save button when the question has been created. 

A list of questions you have created will be displayed.

You will still be able to Edit or Delete them by clicking on the pencil icon or dustbin icon next to the question. 

You can also add some already created questions by Turnitin by clicking on the Add from Library button and selecting Sample Library


Click on the Distribution tab

This is where you can make some amendments to the allocation of assignments for evaluation by students.  

Note:  Student pairs or exclusions can be edited or deleted up until a student has begun a review which will lock the assignment settings. 

  • Pair author/s:  This forces one student to evaluate a specific student's assignment.  You can still use make students anonymous to each other. To do this press the + button. 
  • Exclude:  This stops a student from evaluating any assignment. To do this press the - button. 

Please ensure that once you have made changes to all the tabs you return to the PeerMark Assignment tab and press Save & continue before pressing the Close button on the top-right of the screen. 

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