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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onward

Grades 4 - Exporting and Importing Grades into the Grade book

There are several help sheets in this series. Start with Grades 1 - Introduction & Overview

Normally you will already have an existing assignment in your module. To upload grades via a spreadsheet, you would normally do so directly into the assignment.

If you need to return marks and feedback for an assignment which is not submitted via Moodle (e.g., a physical presentation or performance) we recommend you create a Moodle Assignment clearly marked that the students do not have to submit. 

Even though students do not submit, you retain the facilities to mark and give feedback, including uploading marks via a spreasheet.

NOTE: If the assignment already exists, upload the marks there. Do not upload marks directly into the gradebook or the marks will be overwritten.

To add grades to the Grade book (rare circumstances)

Given that you can create an "empty" assignment to receive marks, this is rarely needed. An "empty" assignment where students do not have to submit anything, but simply receive their marks and feedback, is a clearer solution and much easier for students to find.

In rare circumstances, where an assignment does not already exist in the module, you may need to upload a new set of marks into the module gradebook.

For example: 

If you want to add a new set of grades to the Grade Book unrelated to any assessment or assignment in Moodle, then follow the following steps:

Step 1. add a new grade item (see Grades 3 - Adding a grade item (or column in the gradebook)

Step 2: Export the grade book as a spreadsheet

Step 3: Edit the spreadsheet to add the grades and save as CSV

Step 4: Import the amended file as CSV

If you wish to edit - outside Moodle - grades for existing assignments and assessments without creating a new column, miss Step 1.

Note: It is not advisable to attempt to upload grades into a Turnitin assignment column - these assignments should be graded from within the Turnitin Grademark tool.

Exporting Grades

  1. In your module, from the 'Hamburger menu' select Grades.
  2. The page will refresh to show you the Grader Report containing each student’s grade for each assignment and assessment.  Students’ names are down the left column and assignments across the top – you will need to scroll (using the scroll bar at the bottom) to see all the assignments/assessments if you have several
  3. From the dropdown at the top, select one of the Export options. We recommend Excel Spreadsheet (XLS file)

Selecting export format from dropdown

4. The editing page appears for "Export to Excel spreadsheet". Select the item/s you want to include in your download and adjust the format options if necessary.

5. Click the Download button to start export. A pop-up will then appear (depending on your browser).

Options for downloading gradebook as Excel spreadsheet

6. Select the location for the file and click 'Save'.  (It will save to your Downloads folder if you do not choose a location.)

If you intend to use this export file to import grades later:

You can now open this file in Excel and add the grades to the relevant column

Save the file – but as a csv (Comma Separated Values) not an XLS file

Importing into Grades

If you are importing grades it is best to start from a spreadsheet exported from the module into which you want to add grades, then it will be in an appropriate format.  So Export Grades first and then populate the saved document with the new grade information. Then import as follows:

  1. In your module, select Grades from the 'Hamburger menu'. This will open the 'Grader report'
  2. From the dropdown menu select one of the Import document formats: 'CSV', 'Paste from spreadsheet' or XML file. We recommend 'CSV'

Selecting import format from dropdown

3. Drag and drop your file or click ‘Choose a file…’ and browse for the document you wish to import, then use the Upload this file to load the data. Once this is done you will be returned to the previous screen. All other fields can be left as the default values, then click the Upload grades button. 

Adding a folder to upload

4. You will then be shown a preview which you can check to see if the data and grades look as you expect.

Import preview - data has been removed

5. During Import Preview, in the "Identify user by" section select ‘email address’ in the "Map from" drop-down box and ‘Email address’ from the "Map to" drop-down box.  You can also use Student 'ID number' or 'Username' to map the import to the student Moodle account, as long as the two fields are mapped accurately together in both drop downs

You may also need to map some grade items, i.e, link columns in the spreadsheet to grade items in Moodle

6. Click the 'Upload grades button

Mapping the import across

  • Click the Continue button to go back to Grades to view the information imported.

Confirmation of upload

Note: If you receive an error message stating "The export date is invalid because it is more than a year ago, or in the future, or because the format is invalid" then delete the column titled "Last downloaded from this course" in the csv file and try uploading again. 

Error with upload 

Last downloaded from this course column in Excel

 See also: How to export grades and download assignments from Turnitin