Digital Learning (Virtual) Drop in Sessions

Virtual dropin sessions are run through Teams. Ad hoc support is available daily between 9.00 am and 4.30 pm.

Social Sciences, Arts, Science and Medicine & Health Science  9 - 4.30 daily

To access the support  go to our Drop In Teams site. When you get to the site, click on the READ THIS FIRST tab at the top of the Teams webpage for instructions about how to join the drop in, or pop your question in the ASK FOR HELP channel. Don’t forget to check back for your answer.  We can also contact you privately by chat or Teams meeting.

Arts and Social Sciences (Tuesdays 12-2pm)

In person in Monica Partridge E06 and online.

Engineering (1-3 pm daily) 

In person in A09 Coates and online

Enabling Teaching Online: Training

This page shows a full list of the training currently running.


Video of MS Teams Basic Training    

Moodle is the University of Nottingham's online learning environment. This website offers help and support to staff using it.  You can also browse the Most recently added/updated pages.

If your question is not answered then please contact the Moodle support team:

For Moodle Help for Students please click here

Our site is divided into themes and documents. Themes are groups of documents on a specific topic such as assessment or module planning (see to the left or at the bottom of this page). Documents are individual help pages on a specific feature or tool of Moodle.

Alternatively use the Workspace Search to search for Moodle and your search term, e.g., the name of the Moodle resource or activity

Help and Support from Learning Technology

The Faculty and School Support Team have a number of Learning Technology Consultants and Officers, with at least one for each Faculty.



Browse the Help Site below or - for a quick find - type Moodle and your search term into the  Search Confluence   box top right (e.g., Moodle Tutorial Booking)


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