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 Course Handbook


The first system that is available to students is the pastoral support programme. At its heart is the ‘medical family’ comprising 2-4 students from each year group who are linked with a pastoral tutor who might be a medical school academic or an NHS consultant. The details of the scheme (together with other forms of personal support, important contact numbers and course details) are found in the Course Handbook.  Students should also ensure that they are familiar with the following documents:* Professional Behaviour and Fitness to Practice* Medical Student Contract* Code of Practice on Whistleblowing* Guidance Notes Concern Form version 4 

The Portfolio 


For the first 5 semesters there are a series of regular meetings between students and their tutors. The main aim of these one-to-one meetings is to help a student formally review their progress on the course. It is also an opportunity to discuss any problems that may be affecting the student’s ability to study effectively.
After the first 5 semesters (and once students are in the clinical phase of the course) this ongoing regular appraisal process is undertaken by specialty leads in the specific clinical discipline that the student is studying. Again the emphasis will be the review of a student’s progress in that specific specialty and their attitudes and behaviour. During the clinical phases students are expected to maintain a regular though less formal contact with their original tutor from the first 5 semesters.The document which forms the basis of this ongoing appraisal process is a portfolio. The portfolio for the first 5 semesters is accessed via BMedSci/BSc Portfolio


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