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New University of Nottingham Ethical Framework

Please be aware that the University of Nottingham has now published its Ethical Framework which can be found at the weblink below:


Code of Practice for Users of the University computing facilities: Update

The Code of Practice sets out the conditions of use for computing services or facilities, which are available on systems run by IT Services or sited in Schools/Departments, but connected to the University network.  It applies to anyone using these services or facilities.  The code should be used to guide decision making about the appropriateness of a particular use of the University's computing facilities.  The code is available at:


Staff are required to re-familiarise themselves with the code to ensure it is being followed.  Users of the University computing facilities who are found to be in breach of the code may be liable to disciplinary action.

Staff are also reminded that there is an associated policy on the use of electronic mail, which applies to users of the University’s email system, which is available at:


Any queries regarding the code itself, or for further guidance on ensuring activities comply to the code, please contact the IT Helpline in the first instance.

Please note:  The information regarding Ethical Framework and Code of Practice for users of University computing facilities is relevant to ALL staff based in the UK, China and Malaysia