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    Institute and Centres of Research

    The School of English houses four inter-disciplinary Research Centres and a Research Institute:



    Members of the School also contribute to the work of the multi-disciplinary:

    Institute for Medieval Research
    Health Language Research Group
    Landscape, Space, Place Research Group
    Bilingualism Research Group

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    Directors of Research Centres and Groups

    Director of the Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics

    Dr Kathy Conklin

    Director of the Institute for Name Studies

    Dr Jayne Carroll
    Dr Jason Whitt (Grant Officer)

    Director of the Centre for Regional Literature and Culture

    Professor Dominic Head (Sem 1)

    Dr Joanna Robinson (Sem 2)

    Director of DH Lawrence Research Centre

    Dr Andrew Harrison

    Director of the Centre for the Study of the Viking Age

    Professor Judith Jesch

    Director of LiPP Business Unit

    Professor Louise Mullany

    Health Language Research Group

    Dr Kevin Harvey

    Vocabulary Research Group Professor Norbert Schmitt
    Literary Linguistics Group Professor Peter Stockwell 
    Professional Communication Group

    Dr Mal Chalupnik

    Dr Gavin Brookes

    Leigh Harrington (Asst)

    Landscape, Space, Place Research Group


    Bilingual Research Group

    Dr Kathy Conklin

    Old Norse Reading Group

    Professor Judith Jesch

    RPA Lead - British Identities: Culture and Communication
    from the Archipelago to the Globe
    Professor Judith Jesch
    RPA Lead (with German) - Languages Texts Society Dr Kathy Conklin
    Global Research Theme Lead - Cultures and Communication Professor Svenja Adolphs

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    A number of reading groups exist either in the School, or jointly with the School and other Departments across the University, to cover a wide range of research interests.

    Bilingualism Research Group

    The Psycholinguistics Research Group (PRG) at the University of Nottingham is an interdisciplinary research group with member from various schools and departments at the University.  Members investigate language processing using various experimental research techniques (e.g. behavioural, eye-tracking, computational modelling, ERP and fMRI).

    Contact: Dr Kathy Conklin 

    More information on Workspace: Psycholinguistics Research Group Home

    Landscape, Space, Place Reading Group

    We are an interdisciplinary reading group co-run by postgraduate students from English and Geography and comprising of students and staff from across the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, and Engineering. We meet once a month to discuss the myriad ways in which both academics and non-academics have approached Landscape, Space and Place by taking a key theorist, relevant text or creative practice in order to shake up and re-examine some of our assumptions relating to these key terms, or to simply explore some of the knotty issues many of us have been dealing with in our own research.

    Sessions usually take place on the last Wednesday of every month, 16.00 - 17.00, Trent A35. We aim to make these as welcoming and informal as possible, so do come along and join in our discussions!

    For more information, please contact Sarah O'Malley. or visit our webpage.

    Old English Reading Group

    We meet fortnightly and have some fun reading Old English. We generally take it in turns to read and translate a section (a sentence-ish) of an Old English text, though it's perfectly fine to opt out and just listen if that is more comfortable. We try to cover a diverse selection of texts: poetry and prose; earlier and later AS period; narratives, history, riddles, biblical accounts, heroic epics, and everything in between.

    If you are interested, please contact Katrina Wilkins to receive emails and updates:

    Old Norse Reading Group (Snotrur)

    You are all invited to join the Old Norse reading group, Snotrur.  This is an informal and fun fortnightly meeting. We take turns attempting to translate an Old Norse text whilst enjoying a glass of wine or some chocolate. You will need to have done some Old Norse, but do not need to be fluent. We will be meeting at fortnightly on Tuesdays 5.00 in room A62 (Trent Building) commencing on Tuesday 11th October. This semester we will be reading/translating Bishop Þorlák's Miraclebook. Meetings of the group are advertised on the CSVA website: 

    If you are interested and would like to receive further information, please send an e-mail to Roderick McDonald:

    Speculative Fiction Reading Group

    The Speculative Fiction Reading Group (SFRG) meets every four weeks on Tuesday evenings between 6-7pm.  The aim of the group is to explore the diverse range of speculative fiction works, including science fiction, dystopia, fantasy and horror, both traditional and modern.

    Each meeting will centre around a different text, exploring the ways in which these popular forms of fiction engage with literary and genre conventions, as well as contemporary issues. The group seeks to explore some of the myriad ways in which popular fiction is now being recognised as an important literary field and the growing body of criticism around this area.

    The first meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd October at 6pm for an informal chat to meet other members and discuss the year’s texts, then after that we will meet every four weeks from Tuesday 24th October..  

    For further information, there is a Facebook group which will be updated with details of books and upcoming sessions throughout the year or email Gabrielle Bunn: 


    Stylistics & Discourse Analysis Reading Group

    You are very welcome to join us to see what it feels like - no special expertise or background knowledge is required, only curiosity and a willingness to engage with approaches that straddle between literary and applied linguistic studies. The interests of the group members vary a lot, so hopefully you could find something useful for your own research too!

    You can follow us by asking to join our fb group or simply go to the webpage or contact Ben Neurohr ( )

    Stylistics & Discourse Analysis web page:

    Join us on Facebook:


    North and Midlands Language and Gender Reading Group

    This reading group is hosted at universities around the North of England and the Midlands, and is organised by Dr Lucy Jones in the School of English.  More information is available here:


    Nottingham Poetry Series Reading Group

    This reading group seeks to spark new conversations and enthusiasms about poetic texts from the Viking, Medieval, C18th, Romantic, Victorian, Modern and Contemporary periods, as well as poetries in languages other than English and works in translation.  All are welcome!  For more information, please visit: 





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