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Open access

Open access (OA) means unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed scholarly research. Open access is primarily intended for scholarly journal articles, but is also provided for a growing number of theses,book chapters,and scholarly monographs.

Further information bout Nottingham University's commitment to Open Access can be found at: 


Currently, the funding available to cover the costs of Open Access is focussed on academic staff. However, there are some instructions available for PhD students as follows:

All PhD students are encouraged to deposit their publications in the University's institutional repository, once any embargo period imposed by the publisher has expired.  Where students are supported by RCUK funds, deposition in the repository is required under RCUK's terms and conditions of funding, and where feasible must be completed within 6 months of publication (12 months for the Arts and Social Sciences).

PhD students are not eligible to apply to the University themselves for funds to meet article processing charges.  However, the costs of making PhD students' publications open access will be met in the following circumstances:

  1. Where a permanent member of University academic is named on the publication as a co-author, and makes an application in their own right.  
  2. Where there are no University co-authors, but a permanent member of University academic staff judges there to be particular merit in the publication being made open access immediately, and applies to the fund on the student's behalf.

Further information: and

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